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Minna Kaljonen


Senior Research Scientist
Ph.D., Title of Docent (environmental policy)

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     Address: Latokartanonkaari 11, 00790 Helsinki



Research Interests

  • Environmental policy and governance 
  • Transition and practices  
  • Experimental research and qualitative methodology 
  • Sustainable food production and consumption
  • Sustainable use and protection of natural resources 

Selected publications

Furman, Eeva, Minna Kaljonen 2019. Sustainable Diets Enhance Progress on all Sustainable Development Goals. UN Chronicle 16.10.2019.

Morris, Carol, Minna Kaljonen 2019. Urban food governance and the de-animalisation of the food system. In Vinnari, E. & M. Vinnari (Eds.). Sustainable governance and management of food systems. Wageningen Academic Publishers, Wageningen. pp. 169-175.

Kaljonen, Minna, Taru Peltola, Marja Salo, Eeva Furman 2019. Attentive, speculative experimental research for sustainability transitions: An exploration in sustainable eating. Journal of Cleaner Production 206C, 365-373.

Lonkila, Annika & Minna Kaljonen 2018. Animal bodies multiple: Practising genomic knowledge on dairy farms. Geoforum 96, 198-206.

Valve, Helena, Minna Kaljonen, Jussi Kauppila, Pirkko Kauppila, 2017. Power and the material arrangements of a river basin management plan: The case of the Archipelago Sea. European Planning Studies 25, 1615-1632.

Birge, Traci, Toivonen, Marjaana, Kaljonen, Minna & Herzon, Irina2017. Probing the grounds: Developing a payment-by-results agri-environment scheme in Finland.  Land Use Policy 61, 302-315.

Kaljonen, Minna  2016. Welfare certificates contested. Jälki – Trace Vol 2 (2016), 82-87.

Kaljonen, Minna 2014.Kohti resurssitehokkuutta? Miten koordinoida lannan kestävää käyttöä ja kierrätystä?[Towards resource-efficiency: how to co-ordinate sustainable use and recycling of manure?]  Alue & Ympäristö 1/2014, 49-60.

Valve, Helena, Maria Åkerman and Minna Kaljonen 2013 ’You only start filling in the boxes’: natural resource management and the politics of plan-abilityEnvironment and Planning A 45, 2084-2099.

Kaljonen, Minna, Riku Varjopuro, Marek Giełczewski, Arvo Iital 2012. Seeking policy-relevant knowledge: a comparative study of the contextualisation of participatory scenarios for Narew River and Lake Peipsi. Environmental Science and Policy 15, 72-81.

Kaljonen, Minna 2011. Caught between standardization and complexity. Study on the institutional ambiguities of agri-environmental policy implementation in Finland. Acta Universitatis Tamperensis 1594. University of Tampere. Tampere University Press – Juvenes Print, Tampere.

Kaljonen, Minna 2008. Bringing back the lost biotopes. The practice of regional biodiversity management planning in Finland.Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning Vol 10: 113-132.

Kaljonen, Minna 2006. Co-construction of agency and environmental management. The case of agri-environmental policy implementation at the Finnish farms. Journal of Rural Studies, Vol. 22: 205-216.

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