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Problem solving in Zanzibar with the expertise of the Finnish Environment Institute

News, July 2, 2019
Underwater nature of Zanzibar, Tanzania, is spectacular with its coral reefs, seagrass meadows and mangrove forests. Marine life is however facing severe threats as coastal zone is affected by increasing tourism, coastal building, overfishing and also climate change. Read more

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Gouverne and Hilden

Cascading impacts: Mitigation and adaptation need to go hand in hand

Climate change effects are already being felt worldwide and are likely to amplify in the course of the next century, given current indications of insufficient emissions cuts. This raises the question of how impacts of climate change may be felt beyond the places where they are first recorded. Ever since acid rain, long range transboundary pollution has been an issue. Climate change is transboundary, but how do the cascading impacts appear and how should we address them?



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Environmental drug load can be reduced
As the use of pharmaceuticals increases, increasing amounts of drug residues end up in sewage treatment plants. They can be harmful for fish, for example, and they can end up in soil through the utilization of wastewater sludge.  Read more: Environmental drug load can be reduced

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Machine vision against invasive alien species

Drone 416
© Jari Silander

Machine vision is used to identify and map invasive alien plant species by utilising a method developed by SYKE and its partners. Using machine vision, it is possible to save thousands of euros when alien species are detected in time and the establishment of viable populations is prevented. More


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