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Jaakko Karvonen

Researcher, PhD-student

Jaakko Karvonen

Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production

Tel.  +358 295 251 875
Skype: jaakko.karvonen2

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)
P.O. Box 111

FIN-80100 Joensuu


Present role

My current role is to do research and PhD work about sustainability of forest bioeconomy in the Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production. My work is mainly for the FORBIO-project.


I have a dual masters’ degree in forestry from the year 2015: Master of forest sciences from the University of Eastern Finland and Master of Forestry from the University of Alberta, Canada. I started working for SYKE in November 2015.

Current research interests

I am conducting research about sustainability of using forest resources

  • Sustainability indicators
  • Approaches and methods to assess sustainability

Research activities

My work is currently in FORBIO-project. FORBIO project - Sustainable, climate-neutral and resource-efficient forest-based bioeconomy.

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