Tasks and experts of the Finnish national environmental reference laboratory

The Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) has acted as the national environmental reference laboratory since 2001 according to the Finnish Environmental Protection Act (527/2014). As the reference laboratory, Syke is responsible for ensuring that the data produced for research, monitoring and permit control are reliable, comparable in terms of quality and fit for purpose. The scope of the reference laboratory includes sampling as well as chemical and ecotoxicological testing of waters and solid samples. Syke also provides reference laboratory services for biological analyses.

The main tasks of the reference laboratory are:

  • Organize proficiency tests and other intercomparison tests
  • Be responsible for standardisation of environmental methods
  • Develop and validate new methods
  • Give expert support to authorities
  • Provide reference material and inform about their availability
  • Provide diverse training to environmental operators

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Expert support for environmental data providers

Field related contacts:

  • General issues: reflab.syke@syke.fi
  • Chemical testing: asiakaspalvelu.sykelab@syke.fi
  • Ecotoxicological testing: asiakaspalvelu.sykelab@syke.fi
  • Proftest SYKE, proficiency testing: proftest@syke.fi, LinkedIn
  • Method standardisation: reflab.syke@syke.fi, Facebook

The National Environmental Reference Laboratory Syke is for all experts in the environmental field

The users of the services of the reference laboratory are the local ministries, the environmental authorities of the municipalities and the government, the national research consortium (Tulanet), environmental laboratories, research institutes, universities, colleges, as well as companies.

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