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Proficiency testing services


We provide proficiency testing and intercomparison services for:

  • Chemical, physical and biological measurements of environmental samples
  • Measurements of swimming pool and domestic waters
  • Calorific value measurement in solid fuels
  • Sampling and field measurements of environmental samples
  • Recycled material testing

We also provide expert support for the proficiency tests provided by cooperation institutes:

  • Proficiency test on maturity tests for compost soil improvers (provider Finnish Food Authority)
  • Microbiological analyses used in housing and health studies (provider THL, National Institute for Health and Wellfare, Finland)

Furthermore we provide expert services and training in evaluation of proficiency test results and in detection of causes for anomalous results in tests

On Current proficiency tests -site actual information is available.

Proftest SYKE has been accredited as proficiency test provider PT01 by the Finnish Accreditation Services, FINAS (ISO/IEC 17043 www.finas.fi) since 2006.
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You can contact us: proftest@syke.fi
Published 2016-12-21 at 16:28, updated 2021-01-04 at 9:20