Electronic invoices

SYKE only accepts e-invoices. Please send your invoice addressed to SYKE as an e-invoice through OpusCapita Solutions Oy, which is the e-invoicing operator for government organisations. We accept invoice-related attachments in electronic form sent with e-invoices. The preferred file format for the attachments is pdf. Please note that an invoice sent as an email attachment is not an e-invoice.

SYKE’s address for your e-invoices is:

  • E-invoicing address (OVT number): 003709961895
  • Operator ID (OpusCapita Solutions Oy): E204503
  • SYKE’s Business ID: 0996189-5
  • SYKE’s VAT-number: FI09961895

From 1 April 2021, we will only accept invoices that comply with the European standard. If, for a legitimate reason, you cannot send an invoice in accordance with the European standard within the required timeframe, you should contact SYKE in order to allow for a transition period. This should be done before an order is placed or a contract concluded. However, all invoices must always meet the mandatory invoice data content requirements specified in the Value Added Tax Act.

Further information on invoice requirements and e-invoicing is available on the State Treasury website.

Published 2019-12-05 at 19:50, updated 2021-03-29 at 14:19
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