Marine pollution

We focus on hazardous substances in the marine environment, microbial communities in polar seas and sea ice, degradation of bioplastics, and processes related to biogeochemical cycles. Our main expertise covers the fields of ecotoxicology, microbial ecology, molecular biology, marine chemistry, underwater noise and hydroacoustics.

We lend our expertise to the assessment of ecological impacts of oil spills in the Baltic Sea and actively carry out research on the biodegradation of oils under different environmental conditions and microbial communities related to the processes. Our key activities include also studies on the effects of hazardous substances on marine biota, including the effects of oils, microplastics and toxic chemicals contained in sea-dumped munitions.

We comply with the national marine monitoring programme on concentrations and biological effects of hazardous substances in fish in coastal and open sea areas, as well as underwater noise. We actively participate in the development of monitoring, assessment and restoration methods concerning hazardous substances.

Sukeltaja meren pohjassa, vesi on sakeaa ja edessä ui kirkas meduusa.
Photo: Anu Lastumäki

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