Marine ecology and modelling

Finnish Environment Institute (Syke)studies the impact of human pressure on the state of the sea using marine ecosystem models. Our research focuses on the Baltic Sea, and our range of models include both statistical and mechanical models that describe the operation of an ecosystem.

We analyse monitoring and research data and conduct field measurements and experiments to apply the models in practice. We develop our models constantly to improve their reliability, for instance when modelling currents and the processes of ecosystems. In addition to the Baltic Sea, we study the consequences of the global climate change in cold seas, including the polar seas, by combining biogeochemical and climate modelling.

Our team lends its expertise to numerous environmental assessments. It is important to assess the impact of both the nutrient load from land and the marine sources, such as fish farming, on the state of the sea. In addition, we assess the impact of invasive species and other changes in species and the measures to protect the waters in our coastal waters.

We also examine solutions to reduce the human pressure as part of blue bioeconomy and circular economy. We participate in international research projects that cover the entire Baltic Sea and serve as an expert in the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM), the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) and the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME).

Rakkohaurua ja punahelmilevää läntisellä Suomenlahden kalliopohjalla
© Photo: Julia Nyström

Key projects

Development of Archipelago Sea nutrient load model assembly and its implementation

Development of blue bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea

Other projects



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