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Project Stage
Building a resilient ecological network of conserved areas across Europe for nature and people (NaturaConnect)

NaturaConnect aims to design and develop a blueprint for a truly coherent Trans-European Nature Network (TEN-N) of conserved areas that reaches the targets of the Biodiversity strategy for 2030 commis...

Strengthening water quality monitoring and assessment in Colombia, COFI water (ICI)

The project “Strengthening water quality monitoring and assessment in Colombia (COFI-Water)” is a joint initiative between IDEAM and SYKE. The collaboration aims to enhance IDEAM’s capacities to plan,...

Gypsum amendment of agricultural fields as a collaboration form in improving the state of the Baltic Sea (NordGypsum)

The goal of the project is to promote gypsum treatment of fields in Denmark and Norway in order to reduce agricultural nutrient leaching. The project aims to exchange information to find methods that ...

Increasing Climate Resilience of Zanzibar with Integrated Marine Management and Sustainable Blue Economy (BLUE-ZAN)

The impact objective of the project BLUE-ZAN is to increase climate resilience through improved marine and coastal resources management and sustainable Blue Economy, in Zanzibar and eventually in Tanz...

Tackling agricultural phosphorus load by soil amendments - GYPREG

GYPREG project aims to tackle the challenge of reducing phosphorus loading to the Baltic Sea by engaging authorities and farmers in several countries to apply gypsum amendment on agricultural fields. ...


The project Re:Fish aims to retrieve abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear from marine nature, collect end of life fishing gear and find ways to diminish the loss of fishing gear.

Unfolding sense of water: care across boundaries

This transdisciplinary project will create a new boundary concept, ‘sense of water’ (veden taju), to understand, recognize and foster collective care for water.

Accelerating residential around-the-clock clean electricity consumption through hard and soft policies (ALLTIME)

The objective of this project is to speed up the transition of the electricity system to be completely carbon-free in a cost-effective manner. Green energy transition highlights the need to switch to ...

Evaluating integrated spatially explicit carbon-neutrality for boreal landscapes and regions (C-NEUT)

The challenges posed by climate change, biodiversity loss and harmful land-use are deeply interconnected. The overall objective of the project is to provide top-class spatially explicit information on...

Passive Sampler Screening of Pharmaceuticals in the Gulf of Finland

MEDGoF Project, run by the Finnish Environment Institute, comprehensive information is produced on the presence of pharmaceuticals and the risks they pose for the ecosystem of the Gulf of Finland.

Validation of High Resolution Water, Snow, and Ice (HR-WSI)

The objective is to independently and timely validate the new Pan-European High Resolution water, snow and ice (HR-WSI) Copernicus Land Monitoring Service (CLMS). 

Plastic in Agricultural Production: Impacts, Lifecycles and LONg-term Sustainability (PAPILLONS)

EU Horizon2020 funded project PAPILLONS maps the occurrence of microplastics in European agricultural soils, examines the transportation of micro and nano-plastics from the soil to organisms and the a...

Sustainable green transition in Barents region

The aim of the project is to support socio-ecological sustainability of the green transition in the Barents region.

Recovering nutrients: Feasibility of closed-circuit hypolimnetic withdrawal (RaPo)

The aim of RaPo -project is to develop the cost-effectiveness of closed-circuit hypolimnetic withdrawal method by piloting and monitoring the impacts at a new lake site (Lake Linkullasjön, southern Fi...

Data-driven approach for development of recycling ecosystem and advanced modelling of environmental performance (DREAM)

Data-driven approach for development of recycling ecosystem and advanced modelling of environmental performance (DREAM) -project is a part of SPIRIT programme that aims to drive the sustainability tra...

Urban circular economy in practice by managing the recovery of critical metals in micro-e-mobility: Technical solutions and governance implications (UC-Mobility)

The UC-Mobility project develops technological solutions for the recovery of critical raw materials from end-of-life micro-mobility devices, namely e-scooters and e-bikes. Critical metals, such as cob...

Tailored downstream applications/products–from Copernicus to coastal and inland water monitoring

EU’s directives, such as the Water Framework Directive (WFD) set requirements for the participating countries to monitor coastal and lakes areas with high frequency and coverage. The overarching objec...

The GSGF in Finland — Integration of geospatial and statistical information in Finland (GSFI)

Syke's role in the GSFI project is to develop a proposal for a new regional division of local statistical areas (small-areas) to increase the national interoperability of geospatial statistics. The pr...

Benthic nitrous oxide cycling in a changing coastal sea (BENNO)

Will the coastal Baltic Sea become a source or sink of nitrous oxide in the future? By using a multidisciplinary approach that combines micro-sensor techniques with microbial functional gene expressio...

The key questions of plastics recycling (Muoviavain project)

The Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) and Griffin Refineries Ltd will together study the current status and future perspectives of plastics recycling and markets of secondary plastics in Finland. T...

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