Monitoring and evaluation of METSO


Lake Aulankojärvi © Jouko Lehmuskallio

Together with the Natural Resources Institute Finland, SYKE has the main responsibility for the monitoring and evaluation of the METSO Programme. The aim of the monitoring is to evaluate the ecological, economical and political effects of METSO, and discover potential interactions among these effects.

Monitoring includes for instance compiling the annual summaries on the implementation of the measures included in METSO. From SYKE, Kimmo Syrjänen, Kaisu Aapala and Susanna Anttila (as a secretary) take part in the monitoring working group of METSO set up by the Ministry of the Environment.


METSO as a case study in environmental policy research

From the SYKE Environmental Policy Centre Riikka Paloniemi and Eeva Primmer have been involved in broad EU research projects SCALES and POLICYMIX studying e.g. the effectiveness of different economic instruments in biodiversity conservation. METSO Programme has been used as a case study in the projects, leading to fruitful co-operation between natural scientific and sociological experts at SYKE.

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