METSO Programme

Haavan ruskaväritystä

Aspen (Populus tremula) in autumn foliage © Marja-Leena Nenonen

The Forest Biodiversity Programme METSO is based on voluntary forest conservation and management. The programme started in 2008, and it aims to secure threatened forest habitats and species in Finland by 2025.

Landowners are encouraged to protect their valuable forest habitats by offering a full compensation for conservation. In addition to different conservation schemes, funding is provided for the development of biodiversity-friendly forest practices in commercial forests, including restoration of degraded sites.

The aim of the programme is to achieve altogether 96 000 hectares of permanent protection and 82 000 hectares of temporary conservation agreements and nature management by 2025. Funding is also directed to research, training and communication.


SYKE and METSO METSO-logo englanti

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE plays a major role in development and monitoring of the programme. Ministry of the Environment funds the work related to METSO Programme.

SYKE personnel provide expertise on many aspects of biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services and nature management applied in METSO. Another major funder is the Ministry of the Agriculture and Forestry.

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