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By using the search tool on the right-hand column, you will find the ongoing projects and projects completed in 2012 - 2017, as well as other central projects that have been completed earlier.

The search results are listed according to the order of which website has been published last, with the newest website listed at the top.

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Project Stage

MAIA aims to promote the mainstreaming of natural capital accounting in EU Member States and Norway.


e-shape is a unique initiative that brings together decades of public investment in Earth Observation and in cloud capabilities into services for the decision-makers, the citizens, the industry and th...


- To find out the factors influencing road dust emissions and concentrations as well as the proportions of different sources in different street sites and environments - Identify the most effective ...

Copernicus Assisted Lake Water Quality Emergency Monitoring Service (WQeMS)

The objective of this Horizon 2020 project is to provide an operational Water Quality Emergency Monitoring Service to the water utilities industry in relation with the quality of the ‘water we drink’ ...

Developing pilot accounts for marine, freshwater and urban ecosystems and packaging materials (ENVECOPACK)

ENVECOPACK is a two-year research project financed by Eurostat and led by Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) in partnership with Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). Using System of Environme...

Biodegradable plastic polymers in ocean coastal waters – degrader communities and their enzymes (BIPOD)

BIPOD project investigates the degradation rates of bioplastics and the biofilm community formation, functional strategies and degradation enzymes of marine microbes in four different sites in coastal...


EO FP CUP Water project promotes the use of satellite images in Directive monitoring for Finnish lakes and Finnish coastal waters and for the Baltic Sea. TARKKA and STATUS servicer are further develop...

EO Applications for Integrated Maritime and Territorial Spatial Planning in the Baltic (BalticAIMS)

The BalticAIMS project will create a service system that allows organization involved in terrestrial and marine spatial planning to get access to relevant environmental information from satellites, in...

Comprehensive assessment of climate measures in catchments - with system analysis towards carbon-neutral land use (SysteemiHiili)

SysteemiHiili project aims to improve the methodological capacity and understanding of the impact chains and overall impacts of land use change, and to support the introduction of climate-wise, sustai...

The discharge and environmental impacts of SBR granules from artificial turfs (TEKONURMI)

In the TEKONURMI project, the amount of SBR granule emissions from artificial turfs and the importance of the different routes of the granules are studied. The effects of SBR exposure on terrestrial i...

Hydrological RDI partnership network (Hydro-RDI-Network)

Hydro-RDI-Network gathers a critical mass of prominent national research organisations and companies jointly covering a wide range of scientific disciplines to boost RDI activities related to hydrolog...

Towards coherent protected area network in Finland (KOKASU)

Evaluation of the Finnish protected area network for recognizing the needs for additional biodiversity protection in the spirit of the EU biodiversity strategy 2030

Indicators for sustainable urban development - KEKANUA

The project compiles indicator data for the needs of the UN New Urban Agenda and develops sustainable urban development indicators to support the monitoring of national sustainable urban development g...

Circular Design Network (CircDNet)

The main objectives of the CircDNet-project are: to enable circular design and new transformative concepts via data, knowledge and system understanding, to bring scientific data to industrial and comm...

CONSOLCA – an LCA consolidation project

The CONSOLCA project aims to consolidate SYKE’s practical LCA skills, develop new, and improve existing, LCA internal operational standards, identify new knowledge on emerging issues in LCA from acros...

Climate Change and Health: Adapting to Mental, Physical and Societal Challenges (CHAMPS)

The research consortium CHAMPS studies the potential impacts of climate change on health.

Finnish Scenarios for Climate Change Research Addressing Policies, Regions and Integrated Systems (FINSCAPES)

The FINSCAPES project aims to develop new integrated scenarios of socioeconomic and climate change during the 21st century for use in climate change research and policy making in Finland.

Research for sustainability transformations – Strengthening critical reflection and methodological capacities across disciplines (REFLECT)

Research for sustainability transformations – Strengthening critical reflection and methodological capacities across disciplines (REFLECT)

Snow Cover/Extent Demonstrator from optical Sensors (SEDOS)

This study develops and implements a prototype processing system for a new generation of snow extent products from Metop-SG/METimage. The prototype system is demonstrated and evaluated using data from...

Taxa Identifation with Machine Learning Enhanced by DNA Metabarcoding (TIMED)

TIMED proposes combining DNA metabarcoding and optical machine learning in a novel interleaved way to pave the way toward automated aquatic biomonitoring. We will optimize the overall taxa identificat...

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