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Plan4Blue workshop 1. Blue Economy Scenarios for maritime spatial planning

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Plan4Blue workshop “Scenarios for Blue Economy” in Helsinki, 15th-16th of June, 2017

Plan4Blue organised the first of four stakeholder workshops in mid-June in Helsinki. The focus of the first workshop was on future scenarios of blue economy in the project area. The workshop was participated by 40 persons from Estonia and Finland representing different expertise from private and public sectors.

During the first day insights and inputs of the participants were collected in different work groups that addressed:

  • economic potential of the blue economic sectors by 2050
  • main political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal drivers – PESTEL drivers – that influence development of blue economy
  • conflicts and synergies between blue economy sectors

The working in the groups was based on the results of the Delphi-expertise panel and on the economic analysis that have been carried out prior to the workshop. These results were presented as impetus for lively discussions.

The first day ended with a dinner cruise in the Helsinki sea area. During the cruise we also visited the island of Vallisaari that is a former military island recently opened for public.

Plan4Blue Vallisaari
Workshop participants visiting Vallisaari island.

During the second day the participants were made to think the previous day’s results spatially. There were three separate groups that worked on the maps to identify what changes are likely to take place in the use of coastal and marine areas by 2050 - and what activities will remain in the present areas. The discussion revisited also the previous day’s discussions on drivers, conflicts and synergies.

Also Legos were used to map potential blue economy sector developments by 2050.


Plan4Blue - developing MSP methods and capacity (Riku Varjopuro, SYKE)

Blue Economy and Blue Growth on the agenda of the EU (Riku Varjopuro, SYKE)

Current status of sustainable blue economies in the Gulf of Finland and the Archipelago Sea (Tuomas Pohjola, UTU)

Environmental vulnerability and environmental risk in the project area (Robert Aps, UTartu)

Scenarios for Blue Economy (Riitta Pöntynen, UTU)

Potential for Blue Economy on the Baltic Sea Region (Tuomas Pohjola, UTU)

The workshop in June 15-16, 2017 is the first of four workshops that are organised by a recently started project Maritime Spatial Planning for Sustainable Blue Economies (Plan4Blue). The workshops will:

  • Develop future scenarios of blue economy
  • The focus will be in energy, marine cluster including shipping, fishery and aquaculture, tourism, as well as sub-sea resources
  • Inform Maritime Spatial Planning  (MSP) processes in Finland and Estonia
Plan4Blue illustration (wide and low)

More information

Riku Varjopuro, Project coordinator, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, firstname.surname@ymparisto.fi

Riitta Pöntynen, Leader of the work package 1, University of Turku, Center for Maritime Studies, firstname.surname@utu.fi

Merle Kuris, MTÜ Balti Keskkonnafoorum / Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia, merle-kuris@bef.ee

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