Capacity Building on the Water Monitoring and Management in Georgia

Project Description

The overall objective of the cooperation was to improve the status of waters and water ecology and minimize the negative effects of climate change in Georgia. The immediate purpose of the project was to strengthen the capacity of the Georgian National Environmental Agency (NEA) to monitor and manage surface waters in line with international standards including the principles of international guidelines, namely the UNECE Guidance on Monitoring and Assessment of Transboundary Rivers and Protocol on Water and Health.

The agencies participating in and responsible for the cooperation were from the Georgian side the National Environmental Agency (NEA) and from the Finnish side the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).

The project was implemented by using the Institutional Cooperation Instrument (ICI), which in particular stresses the capacity development aspects of the financed projects. The project was also part of the project portfolio of the "Strategic Cooperation Programme for Finland's Water Sector Support to the EECCA countries 2009-2013" (FinWaterWEI), financed by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA).

The "Georgian Waters" project was divided in three components containing several activities. The project components were:

  1. Capacity building on transboundary cooperation of the Lake Jandar( the lake located between Georgia and Azerbaijan)
  2. Adaptation to climate change: capacity building in flood risk management planning
  3. Institutional developing of the NEA on environmental monitoring and quality assurance procedures

Services provided by SYKE

The Finnish experts assisted the NEA in the implementation of the project components. SYKE provided e.g. the following experts: Project Manager, Certification Expert, Laboratory Expert, Biological Monitoring Expert, IWRM Expert, Socio-Economic Research Expert, Remote Sensing Expert, Multi-criteria Analyses Expert and Flood Risks Management Expert.

The services provided by SYKE include e.g the following:

  • Overall project management Preparing joint monitoring programme for the Lake Jandar together with Georgian and Azerbaidzan environmental authorities
  • Preparation of Standard operating procedures (SOP) for macroinvertebrate sampling (rivers and lakes) and macrophyte sampling
  • Arranging laboratory proficiency tests (intercalibrations) between Finnish and Georgian water laboratories
  • Capacity building on environmental monitoring, sample collection, laboratory analyses and quality assurance, remote sensing, bio-monitoring, microbiological sampling and analyses, flood risks management, Multi  Criteria Decision Analyse (MCDA). The training sessions were arranged both in Finland and Georgia

More information

Mr. Karri Eloheimo, Project Manager, Finnish Environment Institute

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