Built environment

SYKE’s theme Built environment examines the spatial structure and dynamics of communities, as well as their relation to the surrounding nature. We want to contribute to the management and sustainability of spatial change. We produce topical information and evaluate the efficiency of policy instruments. We develop new tools to analyse the built environment and make predictions on its future transformations.

We research and monitor the following topics:

  • changes in urban form and rural areas
  • the location and interaction of land use, housing, traffic, services and industries
  • buildings and infrastructure
  • green infrastructure and ecosystem services in urban areas
  • planning and guidance of land use and building
  • energy consumption and the use of natural resources in the built environment
  • adaptation of communities to climate change
  • the quality and social sustainability of the living environment
We influence the decision making of the public sector and companies, and that way also the everyday life of citizens. Our efforts serve design engineers, planners, consultants, researchers, legislative drafters and political decision makers.

We carry out national and international research and development projects, case studies and comparative analyses. We have strong methodological expertise. Our strengths are extensive geographic information resources and services which we use and develop constantly.

The theme of built environment employs about 50 researchers and experts in SYKE. We operate in several international projects and networks. Many municipalities have chosen us to support their urban planning.

Kari Oinonen.

Director Kari Oinonen,
Director of Environmental Policy Centre,
tel. +358 295 251 474, firstname.lastname@syke.fi

Jyri Seppälä.

Professor Jyri Seppälä,
Director of Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production
tel. +358 295 251 629, firstname.lastname@syke.fi


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Leif Schulman.

SYKE’s vision is Sustainability Transformation!

Finland is one of the top countries in overconsumption. Our unsustainable lifestyle accelerates biodiversity loss and climate change – two of the most pressing environmental crises of our time. Along with other Western countries, Finland needs to make a quick turn towards a new kind of society that enables a sustainable lifestyle.
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