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Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) publishes some publications in association with other institutes or universities. These publications are not included in the series of the environmental administration:



tohtorit_iso.jpgSYKEn väitöskirjoja vuosilta 1988-2013 (SYKE´s PhD theses 1988-2013)

PhD theses written by researchers affiliated with the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE have formed a versatile and rich research tradition. The theses have a strong foundation in water research, but the scope has, over the years, expanded, for example, into topics related to biodiversity, sustainable consumption and production and environmental policy. This reflects the development of SYKE more broadly but it is also a response to the expansion of the environmental issues on the agenda.

This publication is multilingual. Most of the PhD theses have been written in English and most titles and abstracts are in English. The Lectio Praecursoria (a short presentation that the candidate gives as an introduction to the public defense of the PhD thesis) has been published for all thesis where it has been available in written form. Some lectios are in Finnish, others in English.

SYKE’s PhDs have also written short stories about their PhD journeys, mostly in Finnish. Although only part of the
publication is accessible for readers who do not read Finnish, the English material gives a broad picture of
the research that has been carried out at SYKE.

The background of this publication is the celebration of the anniversary of SYKE’s Director General Lea Kauppi in 2012. That year, SYKE’s employees made a unique publication containing tales of SYKE’s PhD thesis as a birthday present for her. Lea Kauppi has, as Director General, strongly supported research and the professional development of the staff. This publication makes the history of PhDs at SYKE available to a wider audience.

Environmental Dictionary EnDic (2006; extended with a meteorological dictionary 2009) The Environmental Dictionary EnDic (2006) is an electronic dictionary based on the printed Environmental Dictionary EnDic2004. EnDic includes environmental terms in nine languages: Finnish, Estonian, English, French, German, Swedish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Russian.

Nature in Northern Europe - Biodiversity in a changing environment (2003), published by the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM). This suberbly illustrated book gives a fascinating insight into nature with vital information about biodiversity in Northern Europe. The book is available in English, Russian, Finnish, Estonian and Latvian. Contact your local sales agent for the Nordic Council of Ministers' publications. Sale: Sales agents of the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM).

The 2010 Red List of Finnish Species (2010) published by the Ministry of the Environment and Finnish Environment Institute.

Sukupuuttojen sali / Salle des extinctions / Survival or extinction? (2003), published by SYKE. This artistic work is a combination of fine drawings of extinct species and the stories of their fate. The texts in the book are in English, French and Finnish.
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