National web map services

Finnish Environment Instute's (Syke) national web map services are nationwide environmental spatial information services designed for domestic use. These are available as WMS services. Most services are also available in WFS or WCS download services. WCS download services are recommende to be used in web browser, not in GIS software. Here is an example qurery for a small piece of Landcover on wetlands -data. To figure out the right coverageId parameter for each layer, check WCS services GetCapabilities request.,6821620.492)&SUBSET=E(311934.623,326191.537)&subsettingcrs=

If you plan to use Syke’s WFS or WCS services in an application, we require you to request a unique identifier to be used in your applications WFS or WCS requests from Syke’s gis support gistuki[ät] By requesting the identifier you accept that your contact information will be stored according to Syke’s privacy policies. Privacy statement (in Finnish).

The coordinate system is ETRS-TM35FIN. SYKE's national web map services are updated along the spatial dataset updates, provided that the data has been changed. There are four updates per year.

Syke is replacing its ArcGIS Server web map services with GeoServer ones in 2023. Up to date URL’s for national GIS maps services can be found in this page. Old URL’s beginning with can be used until the end of 2023.

Assessment of degradation status of small streams

Geological formations
The service includes Nationally Valuable Rocky Areas, Moraine Formations, Small-Scale Sites in Bedrock and  Aeolian and Littoral Deposits.

Approximated 100 meter waterside areas intended in Environmental Protection Act

Properties of sandy beaches

National urban parks

Regional greenhouse gas net emission intensities by land cover category

Start of season (phenology) in forests
Services describe the start of the season in coniferous and deciduous forests.

Flow channel correction DEM 2m
Service includes corrections to DEM 2m for culverts in river network.

Inventory data of herb-rich forests conservation program

Traffic risk zones

National Conservation Programme Areas

Sounding points

Soil extraction permissions

Land cover on wetlands

Agricultural land

Landscape reserves under the Nature Conservation Act

Marine area divisions

High biodiversity value forests (Zonation)

Water bodies (WFD)

Potentially flooded forest habitats

Forest classification

Built heritage objects (special legislation)

Open coastal dunes

Shoreline10 (Ranta10)

Scalgo landcover

Serpentinicolous rock outcrops and scree

Heights of bridges

Proposal for supplemental mire conservation

Peatland drainage status

Fjell areas

Peat production areas with after-use category

Nationally valuable landscape areas

Catchment areas 1990
Service includes catchment areas from the year 1990. New catchment areas can be found in inspire_hy -service.

Salmonid stocks in streamwaters

Invasive alien species and valuable habitats of the roadsides

Environmental noise maps
These services have older noise maps, latest survey can be found on inspire_hh -service.

Other map services

Map services for projects and applications are created for a specific purpose. They may change according to project  resources.

Restriction on the use of lead gunshot in wetlands

Other government protected areas
Service includes natural monuments, national hiking areas and other national protected areas.

Built environment (Liiteri)
The service includes  services for built environment information systems, such as residential areas and urban structure.

Flood hazard areas and flood risk zones

Underwater marine environment (VELMU)

WSFS-Vemala loading results

Habitats of Northern Lapland

WMS for environmental information systems


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