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Shortcuts are available for using this website. There is a shortcut for all personal pages and almost all research and development projects. The shortcuts make linking easier and the addresses are easier to remember. A list of shortcuts is maintained on this page. The text in the left-hand column of the list serves as the link to the page in question.

Shortcut of syke.fi in english is syke.fi/en

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Projects A-H

Research and development projects syke.fi/projects
Adapt-FIRST: Adapting to climate change risks in Finland: an Impact Response surface STudy syke.fi/projects/adapt-first
Assessing limits of adaptation to climate change and
opportunities for resilience to be enhanced (A-LA-CARTE)
Real time algal monitoring in the Baltic Sea (Alg@line) syke.fi/projects/algaline
Workshop on marine protected area (MPA) networks in a changing Arctic climate syke.fi/projects/arcticmpaws
Baltic Forum for Innovative Technologies for Sustainable
Manure Management (Baltic Manure)
Baltic Sea Pharma Platform (BSR Pharma) syke.fi/projects/balticpharma
Events syke.fi/projects/balticpharma/events
Sea-Land biogeochemical linkages (SeaLaBio) syke.fi/projects/BalticSeaLaBio
Knowledge, communication and targeting of biodiversity conservation syke.fi/projects/BDtargeting
Blue Carbon Habitats – a comprehensive mapping of Nordic salt marshes for estimating Blue Carbon storage potential – a pilot study syke.fi/projects/BlueCarbonHabitatsPilot
BONUS DESTONY syke.fi/projects/bonusdestony
BONUS FUMARI syke.fi/projects/bonusfumari
BONUS ROSEMARIE syke.fi/projects/bonusrosemarie
Situation awareness system for environmental
emergency response (BORIS 2)
Barents Protected Area Network BPAN syke.fi/projects/bpan
Arctic Freshwater Capital in Nordic Countries (CAPITAL) syke.fi/projects/capital
Climate change: a regional assessment of vulnerability
and adaptive capacity for the Nordic countries (CARAVAN)
CAScading Climate risks: towards ADaptive and resilient European Societies (CASCADES) syke.fi/projects/cascades
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Program syke.fi/projects/ccs
Climate Change and Health: Adapting to Mental, Physical and Societal Challenges (CHAMPS) syke.fi/projects/champs
Chemical Munitions Search and Assessment (CHEMSEA) syke.fi/projects/chemsea
Promotion of sustainable circular bioeconomy in North Karelia syke.fi/projects/circularbioeconomybusinessmodelsnorthkarelia
CIRCWASTE - Towards Circular Economy in Finland syke.fi/projects/circwaste
Impacts of climate change on multiple ecosystem services:
Processes and adaption options at landscape scales (CLIMES)
Interaction in coastal waters: a roadmap to sustainable
integration of aquaculture and fisheries (COEXIST)
Iron-manganese concretions in bioremediation of
contaminated soils and sediments (COMICS)
Aquatic contaminants - Pathways, health risks and
management (CONPAT)
CONSOLCA – an LCA consolidation project syke.fi/projects/consolca
Strengthening water quality monitoring and assessment in Colombia, COFI water (ICI) syke.fi/projects/COFIWater
Collaborative remedies for fragmented societies – facilitating the collaborative turn in environmental decision-making (CORE) syke.fi/projects/core
Producing land cover and land use data in CORINE
Land Cover 2012 project in Finland
Producing land cover and land use data in CORINE Land Cover 2018 project in Finland


DEVelopment Of innovative Tools for understanding marine
biodiversity and assessing good Environmental Status (DEVOTES)
Towards a generic, mechanistic plankton food web model for the northern Baltic Sea (DHYBRIS) syke.fi/projects/dhybris
Securing biodiversity, functional integrity and ecosystem services in DRYing riVER networks (DRYvER) syke.fi/projects/dryver
Assessing and valuing ecosystem services for managing hydropower constructed rivers systems - (ECORIVER) syke.fi/projects/ecoriver
EEEN2020: 8th European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum - Environmental Evaluation Supporting the Implementation of SDGs and Transformative Policymaking syke.fi/projects/eeen2020
Eating and Energy Use Reconfigured (EE-TRANS) syke.fi/projects/eetrans
Value through intensive and efficient fibre supply (EffFibre) syke.fi/projects/efffibre
Revealing the role of GEOSS as the default digital portal for building climate change adaptation & mitigation applications (EIFFEL) syke.fi/projects/eiffel
Developing the guidelines for the post-spill monitoring of the accidental chemical spills in the Baltic sea and cold waters (EKOMON) syke.fi/projects/ekomon
Utilization of Canadian waterweed - from nuisance to source of raw materials syke.fi/projects/elodea
Environmental justice and ecosystem services: Access, equity
and participation in the use and management of aquatic
environments in the Helsinki region (ENJUSTESS)
Path Dependence and Path Creation in Energy Systems –
A Multi-Level Perspective on Technological, Business and Policy Innovations (EnPath)
Regulation by environmental quality standards - Institutionalisation
of ecosystem approach in coastal management (ENSCA)
Developing pilot accounts for marine, freshwater and urban ecosystems and packaging materials (ENVECOPACK) syke.fi/projects/envecopack
Machine vision in environment monitoring (EnVision) syke.fi/projects/envision
The relationships of biotopes, habitat structure and habitat quality
to the provision of ecosystem services (ES-LUPPI)
Towards ecosystem accounting based on innovations and insights on natural capital knowledge ESTAT-EEA syke.fi/projects/estat-eea
Functionality of iron minerals in the environmental processes (FIMIN) syke.fi/projects/fimin
Assessing the adaptive capacity of the Finnish environment and
society under a changing climate (FINADAPT)
Finnish Scenarios for Climate Change Research Addressing Policies, Regions and Integrated Systems (FINSCAPES) syke.fi/projects/finscapes
Future innovation and technology policy for sustainable
system-level transitions: the case of transport (FIP-Trans)
Modelling photochemical mineralization and microbial decay of
Baltic Environment, Food and Health: From Habits To Awareness (FOODWEB) syke.fi/projects/foodweb
Finnish Regional Emission Scenario model FRES syke.fi/projects/fres
Geospatial Platform in Public Administration syke.fi/projects/geospatialplatform
Tools for evaluation and management of eutrophication (GisBloom) syke.fi/projects/gisbloom
Governing Digital Commons (GODICO): Governance Frameworks for the Opening and Sharing of Natural Resource Knowledge syke.fi/projects/godico
Integrated oil spill response actions and environmental effects – GRACE syke.fi/projects/grace
Green infra - The dependence of ecosystem services and
biodiversity on the green infrastructure
Gulf of Finland Year 2014 syke.fi/projects/gulfoffinlandyear2014
Developing mobile services for in-situ monitoring, data storing and sharing (HALI) syke.fi/projects/hali
Hazardous industrial chemicals in the IED BREFs (HAZBREF) syke.fi/projects/hazbref
Development of the Urban Form in Helsinki and Stockholm metropolitan areas syke.fi/projects/helsinki-stockholm
Carbon Neutral Municipalities (HINKU) syke.fi/projects/hinku
Hydrological RDI partnership network (Hydro-RDI-Network) syke.fi/projects/hydro-rdi


Projects I-Q

Interplay between National Defence and Low-Carbon Energy Policies: a Sustainability Transitions Perspective, IDEALE syke.fi/projects/ideale
Indicators for sustainable urban development - KEKANUA syke.fi/projects/kekanua
Baltic Sea chemical diversity (IKEMON) syke.fi/projects/ikemon
InnoForESt: Smart information, governance and business innovations for sustainable supply and payment mechanisms for forest ecosystem services http://www.syke.fi/projects/innoforest
Knowledge-based Sustainable Management for Europe's
Seas (KnowSeas)
Local adaptation and innovation-in-practice in energy efficiency
and carbon neutrality (LAICA)
Regional administration of lake restoration initiatives (LakeAdmin) syke.fi/projects/lakeadmin
Value for money: unlocking the investment potential for resilient low-carbon Finnish building stock (Life EconomisE) syke.fi/projects/lifeeconomise
Marine and Coastal Information Services Extension and
Transfer (MarCoast, GMES)
From Marine Ecosystem Accounting to Integrated Governance for Sustainable Planning of Marine and Coastal Areas - MAREA syke.fi/projects/marea
Marine Research Capacity Development in Namibia (MARINAM) syke.fi/projects/marinam
Marine Spatial Planning in a Changing Climate (MARISPLAN) syke.fi/projects/marisplan
Innovative approaches for marine biodiversity monitoring and assessment of conservation status of nature values in the
Baltic Sea (MARMONI)
Map-based assessment of vulnerability to climate change
employing regional indicators (MAVERIC)
Migration of alternative de-icing chemicals in aquifers (MIDAS) syke.fi/projects/midas
Microbial diversity in aquatic systems and effects of browning (MiDAS) syke.fi/projects/midas-aqua
Climate Change Indicators and Vulnerability of Boreal Zone Applying Innovative Observation and Modeling Techniques (EU Life+ MONIMET) syke.fi/projects/monimet
National environment monitoring strategy & development
program MONITOR 2020
Oil Spills in Arctic Areas -seminar syke.fi/projects/mospa2018
Changes in farming practices due to the Finnish
Agri-Environment Support Scheme (MYTVAS3 sub study)
Novel Assessment of Black Carbon in the Eurasian Arctic: From Historical Concentrations and Sources to Future Climate Impacts (NABCEA) syke.fi/projects/nabcea
Strengthening the capacities for effective implementation of the acquis in the field of nature protection syke.fi/projects/natura2000twinningMK
Towards arsenic safe drinking water in Nepal (NeAs) syke.fi/projects/neas
Upgrading the National Environmental Monitoring System of Azerbaijan https://www.syke.fi/projects/nemsazerbaijan
Elimination of nitrate in soil and groundwater at fur farm (NITROS) syke.fi/projects/nitros
Outdoor recreation, nature interpretation and integration in Nordic countries (ORIGIN) syke.fi/projects/origin
Operationalisation of Natural capital and Ecosystem Services: From concepts to real-world applications (OpenNESS) syke.fi/projects/openness
Vitality from the Kainuu Lakes to the Gulf of Bothnia - Oulujoki watershed vision 2035 (ARVOVESI) syke.fi/projects/oulujokiwatershedvision
Research of harmful substances in aquatic environments
using new measuring and evaluation methods (PASMA)
Bioeconomy and green engineering as foundations for future circular green economy (PEER GE) syke.fi/projects/peerge
Genetic diversity and phenotypic variability in Baltic Sea
phytoplankton populations: Implications for ecological processes
and adaptation to environmental change (PHYTOVAR)
Maritime Spatial Planning for Sustainable Blue Economies (PLAN4BLUE) syke.fi/projects/plan4blue
Alternative scenarios for blue economies in the Gulf of Finland and Archipelago Sea syke.fi/projects/plan4blue/scenarios

Sinimajanduse alternatiivsed stsenaariumid Soome lahes ja Saaristomeres

Land-based heavy metal load to the Baltic Sea
(HELCOM data base PLC)

Pathways linking uncertainties in model projections of climate and its effects (PLUMES)

Assessing the role of economic instruments in policy mixes for biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services provision (POLICYMIX) syke.fi/projects/policymix
Right tools for right problems (PORTRIGHT) syke.fi/projects/portright
Groundwater resources in Blue Bioeconomy – Possibilites to multipurpose utility (POSIBILITI) syke.fi/projects/posibiliti
Protection of the Baltic Sea: Benefits, Costs and Policy
Instruments (PROBAPS)
Population genetics and intraspecific diversity of aquatic protists
across habitats and eukaryotic clades (PRODIVERSA)
PROductivity TOOLs: Automated Tools to Measure Primary
Productivity in European Seas (PROTOOL)
Requalifying matter: nutrient recycling, pollution control and the shifting economies of fertilisation (QUMARE) syke.fi/projects/qumare
Data sources and methods for assessment of chemical risks in environmental crimes processes (RISTE) syke.fi/projects/riste


Projects R-Y

Renewal of manufacturing towards a sustainable circular bioeconomy and implications for innovation policy (RECIBI)
reactive barriers (RECIBI)
Research for sustainability transformations – Strengthening critical reflection and methodological capacities across disciplines (REFLECT) syke.fi/projects/reflect
Remediation of contaminated groundwater using permable
reactive barriers (RESET)
Sustainable Acceptable Mining (SAM) syke.fi/projects/sam
Securing the Conservation of biodiversity across Administrative
Levels ands spatial, temporal and Ecological Scales (SCALES)
The Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Circular Economy and Product Environmental Footprint (SCEPEF) syke.fi/projects/scepef
Start-up and co-creation communities as ecosystems for eco-innovations (SCINNO) syke.fi/projects/scinno
Development of pan-European Multi-Sensor Snow Mapping Methods Exploiting Sentinel-1 (S1-4Sci Snow) syke.fi/projects/seom-s1-4sci
Solidarity in climate change adaptation policies: towards more socio-spatial justice in the face of multiple risks (SOLARIS) syke.fi/projects/solaris
Servicizing Policy for Resource Efficient Economy (SPREE) syke.fi/projects/spree
Sustainable Uses of Baltic Marine Resources (SUBMARINER) syke.fi/projects/submariner
Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and the Finnish Economy (SURE) syke.fi/projects/sure
Sunken wreck environmental risk assessment (SWERA) syke.fi/projects/swera
Turn the tap on syke.fi/projects/tapwater
Kraanavesi – Tap water from Finland syke.fi/projects/tapwater/tapwaterfromfinland
Fluxes of Terminal Electron Acceptors: Linking Human Disturbance to the Health of Aquatic Systems (TEAQUILA) syke.fi/projects/teaquila
Controls of supporting ecosystem services through the load
of terminal electron acceptors (TEA-SERVICES)
Impacts of Terrestrial Organic Matter Loading on Lake Food Webs and Human Health - Challenges for Environmental Regulation (TERLA consortium) syke.fi/projects/terla
Transboundary tool for spatial planning and conservation of
the Gulf of Finland (TOPCONS)
Intermediaries in the energy transition: The invisible work of creating markets for sustainable energy solutions (TRIPOD) syke.fi/projects/tripod
Airborne Monitoring Tools for Arctic and Baltic Sea Environment (UAV-ARCTIC) syke.fi/projects/uavarctic
Model of Three Urban Fabrics (UF) syke.fi/projects/urbanfabrics
Travel-related Urban Zones as a Planning Tool (UZ) syke.fi/projects/urbanzone2
Urban Zones Applied in Planning (Urban Zone 3) syke.fi/projects/urbanzone3
Urban and regional planning with the young generation - collective and intergenerational learning encouraging sustainability transformations (URGENT) syke.fi/projects/urgent
Change in Business Ecosystems for Local Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency - Better Energy Services for Consumers (USE) syke.fi/projects/use
The evaluation of environmental effects and risks of renewable
energy production and use (UUSRISKI)
Vulnerability Assessment of ecosystem services for
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation (VACCIA)
Potential and Pitfalls of Alternative Approaches to Ecosystem Service Valuation (ValuES) syke.fi/projects/values
Water quality detection using Sentinel and Landsat satellite series on Finnish lakes and coastal waters/Baltic Sea (VESISEN) syke.fi/projects/vesisen
Development and Implementation of Climate Change Adaption Measures in Coastal Areas in Vietnam (VIETADAPT) syke.fi/projects/vietadapt
WasteLess Karelias syke.fi/projects/wasteless
Management of water balance and quality in mining areas (WaterSmart) syke.fi/projects/watersmart
Keeping the Arctic White: Regulatory Options for Reducing Short-Lived Climate Forcers in the Arctic (WHITE) syke.fi/projects/white
Winter navigation risks and oil contingency plan (WINOIL) syke.fi/projects/winoil
Integrative systems to assess ecological status and recovery
of water bodies (WISER)
Copernicus Assisted Lake Water Quality Emergency Monitoring Service (WQeMS) syke.fi/projects/WQeMS
Soil carbon model (Yasso) syke.fi/projects/yasso


Others A-M

The environmental testing laboratory syke.fi/analysisservices
Research vessel Aranda syke.fi/aranda/en
Arctic expertise syke.fi/arctic
Nutrients, energy and livelihood for the countryside from a biogas plant (BioRaEE) syke.fi/Bioraee
BONUS BLUEWEBS www.syke.fi/bonusbluewebs
BONUS BLUEWEBS Publications and presentations syke.fi/bonusbluewebs/publications
Brochures syke.fi/brochures
Built environment and land use syke.fi/builtenvironment
Certification improves quality of environmental reseach syke.fi/certification
Towards the circular economy syke.fi/circulareconomy
Citizen science syke.fi/citizenscience
Support for climate policy syke.fi/climatepolicy
Water chlorophyll-a concentration estimated from satellite images syke.fi/chlorophyll-a

Consumption and production, and sustainable useof natural resources

Contact information syke.fi/contactinformation
EEEN2020: European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum syke.fi/eeen2020
Eeva Furman syke.fi/eevafurman/en
Eeva Primmer syke.fi/eevaprimmer/en
Calibration and contract laboratory syke.fi/envical/en
SYKE's Arctic monitoring storymap syke.fi/EOstorymap
Equality syke.fi/equality
Experts & Co-operation syke.fi/experts
Programme for Finland's Water Sector Support to the EECCA
Countries under the Wider Europe Initiative
Gap Analysis of Northwest Russia syke.fi/gapanalysisofnorthwestrussia
Groundwater Checklist syke.fi/groundwaterchecklist
The 9th Habitat Contact Forum syke.fi/hcf2017
Helena Valve syke.fi/helenavalve/en
SYKE Info syke.fi/info/en
International services syke.fi/internationalservices
Jari Lyytimäki syke.fi/jarilyytimaki/en
Joensuu Office syke.fi/joensuu/en
Jyväskylä Office syke.fi/jyvaskyla/en
Kristian Meissner syke.fi/kristianmeissner/en
Lake ice snow coverage estimated from satellite images syke.fi/lakeicecover
Lea Kauppi syke.fi/leakauppi/en
Library and information service syke.fi/library
Methods standardization in the environmental field syke.fi/methodsstandardization
METSO Programme syke.fi/metso/en
Minna Kaljonen syke.fi/minnakaljonen/en

Others N-Z

Nature syke.fi/nature
International Cooperative Programme on Integrated
Monitoring of Air Pollution Effects on Ecosystems (ICP IM)
Co-operation for nature conservation in northwest Russia syke.fi/nature/nwrussia
Open information syke.fi/opendata
Open data policy syke.fi/opendatapolicy
Open information syke.fi/openinformation
Oulu Office syke.fi/oulu/en
Permits syke.fi/permits
Petri Ekholm syke.fi/petriekholm
Petrus Kautto syke.fi/petruskautto/en
SYKE Policy Briefs syke.fi/policybriefs/en
Press release service syke.fi/pressreleaseservice
Proficiency testing service syke.fi/proficiencytests
Proficiency testing service syke.fi/proftest/en
Sustainable communities research programme syke.fi/programme/sustainablecommunities
Publications syke.fi/publications
Promoting environmental well-being through research and development syke.fi/research
Satellite observations syke.fi/satelliteobservations
Sea surface temperature estimated from satellite images syke.fi/seasurfacetemperature
Leading marine research in the Baltic Sea syke.fi/sea
Services and data for experts and decision-makers syke.fi/services
Snow covered area in the Baltic Sea area from satellite images syke.fi/snowcover
Finland's snow cover in satellite images syke.fi/snowcover-finland
Nordic Salt Marshes syke.fi/SaltMarchStorymap
Algal blooms in the Baltic Sea from satellite images syke.fi/surfacealgalblooms
Map service for high resolution satellite images syke.fi/tarkka/en
Location and transport connections syke.fi/transportconnections/helsinki
Water turbidity estimated from satellite images syke.fi/turbidity
Urban Fabrics & Urban Zones Seminar, COST meeting October 2013 syke.fi/UFUZ/en
Research and pilots promoting sustainable urbanisation syke.fi/urbanisation
Open jobs and vacancies syke.fi/vacancies
Versatile water expertise in Finland and around the world syke.fi/water
Seasonal Greetings syke.fi/xmas
Zonation in Finland syke.fi/zonation/en

20th Northern Research Basins Symposium and Workshop



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