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  • In 2021, municipalities’ climate emissions remained at the previous year’s level 2023-05-30
    According to the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke), municipalities’ total greenhouse gas emissions in 2021 remained at the previous year’s level. Although the transition towards low-carbon solutions in heating methods continued, the positive emissions development was slowed down especially by the higher consumption of heating energy in buildings when compared to the previous year.
  • Recently updated provides reliable information for making sustainable choices 2023-05-16
    The number-one location for reliable and researched environmental data, (, has been relaunched. The shared website of the Government's environmental administration brings together information on matters such as natural diversity, climate change, and responsibilities that apply to citizens and enterprises.
  • Syke Policy Brief: Preventing biodiversity loss with ecological restoration 2023-04-26
    A restoration regulation is under preparation in the EU, and Finland is getting ready to implement it. Restoration of watersheds, wetlands, and forests is a way to compensate for the human-caused damage on biodiversity. Halting biodiversity loss is essential for safeguarding ecosystems and human well-being. In a fresh Syke Policy Brief the Finnish Environment Institute envisions what kinds of needs Finland has for restoration and the benefits that can be achieved through restoration measures.
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