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  • Earlier-than-usual observations of blue-green algae in marine areas, situation in inland waters typical for early summer 2024-06-20
    The warm weather in early summer and early warming of the sea water brought forward blue-green algae observations in the offshore areas of the Gulf of Finland. This week has seen an increase in occurrences of surface algae along the Gulf of Finland coast. In inland waters, there has been a slight increase in blue-green algae observations since last week, but the situation is typically calm for early summer.
  • In sea areas, the risk of extensive blue-green algae blooms remains significant 2024-06-10
    Blue-green algae risk is significant in the Gulf of Finland, the Archipelago Sea and also in the southern and central parts of the Bothnian Sea.
  • Corrected press release: Municipal climate emissions down 38 per cent from peak years of 2000s 2024-06-07
    Finnish Environment Institute press release, which replaces the information published on 16 May 2024 On 16 May 2024, the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) published a press release on climate emissions from municipalities. An error was detected in the calculation of road transport emissions after the publication of the press release, which affects the share of emissions in all sectors. For this reason, Syke exceptionally publishes the entire press release with corrected figures and thus replaces the previous press release. The greatest change has been seen in transport emissions, which, contrary to what was said earlier, did not increase, but decreased by 3.7 per cent. This also affected the total amount of emissions: municipal climate emissions decreased by 38 per cent between 2006 and 2022, instead of the 36 per cent reported earlier. The Finnish Environment Institute apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the error.
  • Baltic Sea protection is strengthened by urban cooperation of coastal cities 2024-05-22
    The protection of the Baltic Sea marine environment was enhanced through the BALTICITIES project. The project strengthened environmental networks within and between coastal cities in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. In addition to municipal and city officials, marine knowledge was widely shared with various societal actors and the public. Through the Baltic Seashore Stories Video Campaign, the diversity of different coastal areas was introduced to the public. The overwhelming popularity of the Campaign’s website indicates that many people share both joy and concern for the sea.
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