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Dissertation: Micro- and mesoplastics in the northern Baltic Sea: their fate in the seafloor and effects on benthic fauna

© Kuva: Seppo Knuuttila

Press release September 7 th 2021
In her doctoral dissertation, Pinja Näkki, a researcher at the Finnish Environment Institute, has experimentally studied risks that organisms such as bivalves living on the seafloor face from microplastics. As much as a quarter of the Baltic clam that were studied ingested microplastics when the surface of the sediment had plastic on it. Microplastics ground from car tyres were found to cause stress and organelle damage to the Baltic clams. Pinja Näkki will defend her dissertation at the University of Helsinki on Friday, 10 September.

International Landscape Day on 20 October – participate in a photography campaign or a photo competition

Small village in the north part of Finland

Press release September 6 th 2021
International Landscape Day will be celebrated in October. As in previous years, the festivities in Finland will include an open photo competition, guided landscape walks and a photography campaign that is already launched today. Participate in the photography campaign celebrating the landscapes in your everyday life by taking photos of your daily landscapes and sharing them on Instragram with the hashtag #arkimaisema. You can also follow the campaign’s Instagram account @arkimaisema.

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Eeva Primmer and Mikael Hildén: Forest management and sustainability need European level collaboration

SYKE’s Professors Eeva Primmer and Mikael Hildén consider Finland’s role in the EU Forest Strategy in their Ratkaisuja blog: Has Finland taken leadership, or has the lobbying resulted in fragmentation?

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Projects of International Expert Services
SYKE's experts participate in a wide range of international projects which help build the administrative and management capacities of environmental authorities in developing countries and elsewhere. 

Successes of Finland's waste management

High-quality waste management solutions are prerequisite for preserving a safe and clean living environment. The video represents successes of Finland's waste management.

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CIRCnews - Finland towards circular economy: The Circwaste Newsletter 1/2021.
The transition to a circular economy requires regional data and quantitative targets for decision-making. The regions and municipalities emerge as key actors in facilitating a socially just transition towards a circular economy. Now published Circwaste interim report shows the results of the EU Life funded project so far.
"In this newsletter you will find out more about the Circwaste project and some of the recent highlights from our work", says Project Leader Tuuli Myllymaa from the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE.


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