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Algal bloom monitoring June 20, 2019: Cyanobacteria occurrence has increased in some lakes, in the Finnish sea areas the cyanobacteria situation is typical for the Midsummer week

Due to warm weather the occurrence of cyanobacteria has increased in lakes, but the algal situation is still rather typical for the period. Both in the coastal and open sea areas of the Baltic Sea only single surface blooms of cyanobacteria have been observed. Pollen of pine can still form surface water accumulations in the central and northern Finland that may resemble cyanobacteria.
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SYKE Policy Brief: Environmental drug load can be reduced

SYKE Policy Brief: Environmental drug load can be reduced

As the use of pharmaceuticals increases, increasing amounts of drug residues end up in sewage treatment plants. Environmental drug load can be reduced by introducing more advanced treatment method and reducing wastage of drugs.
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Published 2014-12-05 at 14:57, updated 2019-02-19 at 8:46