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Geospatial Platform in Public Administration

The objective of the project is creating a common geospatial platform for the public administration. The platform will provide common specifications and services for geospatial data providers in public administration, harmonised and common datasets for all data users and shared user services. The Geospatial Platform harmonises the spatial data of the state, counties and municipalities and make them available for companies and communities. The purpose of the Geospatial Platform is to harmonise and improve e-services in public administration, improve and enhance the transparency of data-based decision-making, create cost savings in public administration and make the core spatial datasets available on a platform, which the private sector can use as a basis for constructing its own service ecosystem. The Geospatial Platform brings most benefits to the authorities in charge of the basic infrastructure of society and related planning, companies, which will be able to develop their services and competitiveness or save business expenses, e.g. by improving logistics or risk management, communities, which will have an opportunity to use the geospatial data in a new way and the public, as the quality of decision-making will improve and the saved societal funds can be allocated elsewhere. Cost savings will be achieved in public administration as the Geospatial Platform enables efficient maintenance of information assets, removes overlapping activities and harmonises datasets. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has been put in charge of the project. The project comprises of eight sub-programmes. Key partners participating in preparing the project entity include the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of the Environment, Finnish Environment Institute and the National Land Survey of Finland.

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Antti Jakobsson, National Land Survey (first name.last name@maanmittauslaitos.fi), Markus Törmä, Finnish Environment Institute (first name.last name@ymparisto.fi)

Published 2018-02-07 at 12:43, updated 2018-02-13 at 15:42