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Jarkko Koskela

head of unit, hydrologist, D. Sc. (Tech.)

Jarkko Koskela

Email: [jarkko.j.koskela]
Tel. +358 295 251 307

Finnish Environment Institute,
Freshwater Centre/Water Resources
Visiting address: Latokartanonkaari 11
Postal address: 00790 Helsinki, Finland

Present role

I work as a head of unit at the Water resources group at the Finnish Environment Institute. The unit is responsible for hydrological monitoring and networks in Finland, developing hydrological monitoring and hydrological research. My tasks also include development and coordination of the national discharge monitoring network and data quality assurance but also research on hydrology. I also work on the flood frequencies by preparing official statements on flood frequencies.


I have a doctoral degree (2009) from the Helsinki University of Technology. My major was water resources management and minor system analysis. The topic of my dissertation was “Studies on long-term inflow forecasting.” After dissertation I worked a year as a visiting scientist at the Australian National University and after that two years as a lecturer at the Aalto University. In my current position at SYKE I started in 2013, but I have worked at the watershed modelling group at SYKE earlier while I was still studying. I also have a pedagogical qualification for teaching. I’m an active bird-watcher.

Research interests

  • hydrology
  • discharge measurement
  • uncertainty of discharge data
  • flood frequency analysis


PRASDES (Programa Regional Andino para el fortalecimiento de los Servicios meteorológicos, hidrológicos, climáticos y el DESarrollo)

Other activities

IUGG (The International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics), member of the national committee (IAHS)

Standardization, national focal point in CEN/TC 318 Hydrometry


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